Eaty Pie
Eaty Pie
Food adventures in and around Portland - with a hungry baby!

Dining experiences, meal creation and travel adventures by way of a seasoned foodie and a rambunctious toddler.

Eaty pie is the delicious collaboration between two food enthusiasts, mother and daughter, and their unique takes on local food adventures.  Set mostly in beautiful, Portland Oregon, readers can expect to immerse their senses in rich, colorful food experiences both from an adult and a toddler's perspective.  Feast, as we invite you on our journey of restaurant exploration, meal invention and travel adventures.

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Ever since my daughter, Edie came into this world in August 2015, my food life (and life life) forever changed.  Quickly acquiring the nickname Edie Pie, which even strangers now use, Eaty Pie is a natural adaptation of that. It's the essence of our spirit, adventure and perpetual love of food.