After a week of vacationing in Florida, our little family was missing Portland's food. Naturally, we decided to go out for brunch with good friends Mo & So who suggested we try Verdigris French bistro.

I've been wanting to try Verdigris for a while and was intrigued by their sophisticated menu, and their famous 60 minute sous vide eggs. It's great that they start brunch early on weekends, and when we showed up right at 9 a.m. the restaurant was far from empty.  While the space is long and narrow, there's definitely room for parties large and small. Our table, situated right by the open kitchen was a feast for the senses and entertained Edie, as we got to observe the creative happenings of the open kitchen.

Here's why team Eaty Pie enjoyed our experience:

House brioche toast & jam - We ordered this for Edie to get her started and she was a big fan. The two pieces of generous sized bread were laced with sweet butter, making it super soft. The homemade blackberry jam was a fantastic accoutrement too.

Ricotta pancakes - Two medium sized pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup and housemade chantilly cream rocked my world. The portion wasn't big but it was delicious, and I managed to share it with an enthusiastic Edie who went bonkers for the chantilly.

60 minute egg & andouille sausage - This is what all the fuss was about and I heard the eggs were worth all the hype. Dan described it as a fully runny, creamy thick yolk and something definitely worth trying.

Biscuit breakfast sandwich - Sonya ordered this impressive plate of food which offered the largest portion at the table. While I didn't try it, it seemed to be a hit all around and Edie literally exclaimed "wow" when she tried the French Fries.

Grown-up wins

  • Sophisticated atmosphere - Nothing kid-like about it, this place exudes fine dining
  • Diverse menu - I loved that you can order anything from Lobster hash to Brioche French toast to 60 minute eggs
  • Good acoustics - Because this place is small and intimate, you don't have to shout to be heard

Kid wins

  • Delicious bread - The bread and jam is anything but simple. All the grown ups loved it too and seemed envious of my yums.
  • Dishes - It's always great when I can get things in my own size, including little bowls, forks and spoons
  • The Kitchen - I loved watching the cooks bang their pots and pans in the open kitchen

Verdigris - 1315 NE Fremont Street, Portland OR. 503.477.8106