The Country Cat

Getting to brunch at the Country Cat is no easy feat, especially with the thick weekend crowds! But being that we live so close to this classic comfort food spot, Edie and I went in on a weekday for an early lunch. If you'd like to try their famous brunch dishes, I highly recommend going during the week when you can enjoy their breakfasty renditions until 2 p.m. each day.

Here’s why team Eaty Pie enjoyed our experience:

Grilled cheese and tomato soup - We found this lunch favorite on the kid's menu (printed on the coloring sheets they gave us). It's the way to go, as we quickly discovered. The bread is soft and fluffy, the mozzarella plentiful (and a little smokey) and the tomato soup offers the perfect dipping sauce. Even though the portion is large and we took about a third of it home, it does a great job of filling those little bellies.

Corned Beef Benedict - I've never seen this take on eggs benny and was eager to try it. What sold me on it was that the eggs and the corned beef were served on top of two buttery biscuits. I want to assure you that this idea was not only good in theory but it worked really well in reality too--soaking up all those rich ingredients. The hollandaise sauce on top of the eggs was silky and lemony and complemented the richness of the eggs really well. The only weak link in this dish were the not-so-crispy hash browns. They were mediocre at best!

Grown-up wins

  • Easy/fast seating - Unlike on the weekends, we were able to sit down as soon as we walked in.

  • Quick service - Since the restaurant wasn't full, we enjoyed great/quick service. There was never a lull.

  • Brunch on weekdays - We loved seeing all the famous brunch classics on the weekday menu.

Kid wins

  • Booth seating - Mommy and I got to sit in a comfy booth and we got it all to ourselves!

  • Activities & coloring - I got a picture of the Country Cat that mommy and I colored together. I also loved seeing the big Country Cat in front of the restaurant.

  • Delicious food - My grilled cheese was yummy and the bread was SO BIG and fluffy!

The Country Cat - 7937 SE Stark Street, Portland OR. 503.408.1414