For those of us who don't want to wait an hour to brunch at the Country Cat, Redwood is the perfect antidote. Not only is it inviting and friendly, they have both outdoor and indoor seating and fabulous food.  The staff is young, hospitable and generally on the ball during prime time brunch.  So all in all, impressive!  Here's why team Eaty Pie loves it:

We've now visited Redwood twice for brunch and both times our experience was solid.  It's great to be welcomed with a smile, rather than a stressed out looking host who's busy looking down at her wait list.  Overall, the portions are generous and very conducive to sharing.  I was going to order something separate for Edie but there really was no need, as there was plenty to share from our plates.  We tried the...

Breakfast sandwich - A really generous-sized sandwich with a nice soft, sourdough bun, filled with hearty ingredients such as roasted pork, arugula, fried eggs and a roasted chili vinegar. The bread is perfect for sharing with your little and the contents are savory and delicious. The pork is a bit on the salty side but had nice char on the exterior. I'd get it again.

Blueberry fritters - If you look at brunch through a sweet lens, you're not going to want to miss these. They're bite sized and perfect for sharing with your dining companions. Served with a tangy lemon curd, they offer up a little taste of dessert with your brunch. 

Fried oatmeal waffles - Edie had quite a lot of this and really enjoyed it. Sure it's fried so probably not the most nutritious option for your little one, but I think that's OK in modest quantities. She (and we!) loved the waffle's crunchy exterior and its moist interior. Syrup was not even needed.

House veggie burger - Again, the soft bun was nice to bite into and the veggie patty exploded with flavor. I liked that they used lots of fragrant herbs & spices such as cumin and cilantro to elevate the burger's flavors.

Grown-up wins

  • Location - set right in the heart of Montavilla, Redwood is centrally located on SE Stark Street close to the Montavilla Farmer's Market (on Sundays), children's boutiques, clothing stores, specialty food stores, and yummy bakeries
  • Friendly Atmosphere - the vibe is lively and boisterous without being overly loud.  It's suitable for small and larger groups and you generally don't have to wait
  • Enticing Menu - lots of comfort foods both of the Mexican and American persuasion. Think huevos rancheros, chilaquiles but also fried oatmeal waffles and blueberry fritters
  • Favorite Food - The aforementioned blueberry fritters were bite sized balls of heaven, filled with warm, cakey dough enveloped in a crispy exterior

Kid wins

  • Nice seating - loved my comfy high chair, and I got to sit at the head of the table
  • Friendly staff - it was fun to gab with our waitress who smiled at me and gave me lots of fluffy brioche bread to chew on
  • Close neighbors - the table next to us had some friendly people who were happy to pick up my toys whenever I dropped them
  • Favorite food - mom and grammy seemed to love the blueberry fritters as much as I did. I went for seconds, thirds and fourths. But the fried oatmeal waffle was pretty tasty too

Redwood - 7915 SE Stark Street. Portland OR. 503.841.5118