Power Station Theater & Pub

On Mother's Day, my family treated me to a wonderful day at McMenamin's Edgefield in Troutdale. There's several dining options on this large property and most of them don't take reservations and are super casual. Power Station Theater & Pub very much falls into this category, and it was the perfect venue for dining with a little one. First off, there were tons of other families with young children, and their kid's menu had a lot to offer.  Not to mention their burger selection for the adults.

Here's what team Eaty Pie liked about our visit:

Hungarian mushroom soup - Hubby and I ordered this to share as an app and it was perfect. The portion was just right and satiated our hunger but still made us want more. I liked that the mushrooms were chunky vs. creamy and the broth was rich and flavorful without being too creamy.

Mouth of the South burger - Usually enjoying the burgers at McMenamin's establishments, this one didn't disappoint. It was big and hearty and topped with tangy pepper jack cheese, crispy cornmeal fried onions that were bursting out of the sandwich and some honey jalapeño sauce. Although this burger isn't for everyone, I'd recommend it to people who like flavor and spice.

Mini burger - Straight from the kid's menu, the burger was a big hit with Edie (also because it came with a heaping portion of French fries). The burger patty was super thin and cooked well, resting on a fluffy seedless bun. It went down easy and I'm pretty sure she could've polished off another one.

Apple cider - A large portion of real apple cider, this is a nice alternative to super processed and overly sweet apple juice. We still diluted it with water for Edie but she enjoyed it just the same.

Grown up wins

  • McMenamin's vibe - This place had everything that we know and love about the McMenamin's franchise including funky decor, a solid beer selection and a family friendly vibe.
  • Tots - We were happy to see an abundance of tots on the menu, especially as sides to our burgers. Hubby and I both took advantage of this.
  • Social vibe - The dining room was bumpin' (and so much so that we had to wait 20 minutes) but it's a great place to take your kids. You'll notice many other families with young children (even babies).

Kid wins

  • Activities - As soon as we sat down, our waitress handed me an activity kit for coloring. She gave me a set of funky two-sided crayons with two colors on each one!
  • Burger - Usually when we go to restaurants, I share mama's food but this time, I got my very own burger. It was delicious and perfect for me. My belly was full but I had enough room for my fries.
  • Booth seating - It was fun to stand up in our booth and peek over to meet our neighbors. Mama and Dada didn't like this but our neighbors didn't seem to mind.

Power Station Pub - 2126 SW Halsey Street, Troutdale OR. 503.669.8610