P&G's Pamela's Diner

In this guest blog, which is authored by my awesome 11 year old cousin Emma, she sheds light on a fun summer foodie adventure she recently had with her dad, Neil. Visiting a few East Coast cities known for good eats, Emma starts her road trip in Pittsburgh where together with her dad, they try a famous breakfast spot that's been around for nearly 40 years. See if it's the bees knees it proclaims to be! Also, if you enjoyed Emma's post below, stay tuned for future travel posts from this foodie-in-training.

We went on a road trip and while you are on a road trip you can never go wrong. We went to all the foodie towns on the East Coast such as Philly, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Buffalo. Even though you can get all the good fast food in those cities, we really wanted a good diner. After looking and looking, we found Pamela’s Diner. We had to wait in the rain for a while but it was worth it and we finally got in. I love breakfast food and i can’t lie this is one of my favorite breakfast places yet. Here's why we loved our experience:

Pamela's Famous Crepe-Style Hotcakes - I got pancakes with breakfast sausage and strawberries. The pancakes were not too heavy at all. They were very light and I did not feel too full after eating them. They were almost like crepes, hence their fun name. They came with strawberries and I got sausage with them. The sausage was awesome too!

Corned Beef Hash - My dad got this dish and it was delicious. The flavors mixed together so well. The hash browns were nicely cooked and the corned beef and potatoes were a perfect combination.

Kid wins

  • The atmosphere - awesome and very welcoming
  • Great food - I loved how tasty everything was

Grown-up wins

  • Generous portions - our dishes were tremendous
  • Price - nice price point for the amount you get and for the overall experience  

Pamela's Diner - 60 21st Street, Pittsburgh PA. 412.281.6366