Off the Waffle

Our family has been coming to Off the Waffle for years - ever since Edie has been just a few months old - and we continue to LOVE it. You’ll see tons of families dining here all the time, but that’s the beauty of this place - it’s super kid friendly without being obnoxious and the food always delivers. Their specialty is the liege waffle and for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a Belgian style waffle with pearl sugar that makes it a little crunchy and sweet. In other words, a total delight! Off the Waffle offers a few waffle varieties that are both sweet and savory. Here’s why we continue to love it:

Self Fulfilling Prophecy - A waffle that really does have it all, it consists of bacon, 2 sunny side eggs and syrup on top. It’s pure decadence in the sweet/savory way and always a winner for me. This is more of a grown-up choice, as I think it’s too heavy for kid’s bellies.

Be Brie Prepared - You’re going to have to love brie to get into this one, but I’m a huge fan. Layered with sliced organic pear and onion jam, it’s pretty sophisticated and also boasts sweet, savory flavors. I think this is a nice one to share with someone if you’re not that hungry because it’s also very filling and there’s lots of cheese.

The OG - A classic, liege waffle, it’s always a winner. It’s the perfect thing to get for your kiddos, as it’s not too big and not overcomplicated with toppings. It’s also easy to add a simple topping such as an avocado or an egg to it and voila - you’ve got something unique!

Grown-up wins

  • Fun menu - There’s lots to choose from for people who love brunch food. sweet/savory fans will be happy!

  • Counter service - Although the restaurant tends to be very crowded during peak hours, you’ll never have to wait too long for your food.

  • Budget friendly - Most dishes are in the $8-$10 range and the OG waffle is just $3.50.

Kid wins

  • Yummy waffles - I love love love the sweet waffles here. The syrup and the bacon they have is great too.

  • Stickers - They give you fun (big and little) stickers and their own coloring pages

  • Disco ball in the bathroom - It’s fun to watch it spin (if you so choose)

Off the Waffle - 2601 SE Clinton Street, Portland OR. 971.258.2730