Life of Pie

A tried and true pizza favorite, my family and I have been coming to Life of Pie ever since moving to Portland, nearly 4 and a half years ago. In fact, it was my last meal right before Edie was born!

Their happy hour deal has withstood the test of time and continues to be just $5 for a large margherita personal pizza, which comfortably feeds 2-3 people. It’s a great atmosphere for kiddos because it’s casual, not quiet and on warm weather days, they offer great alfresco dining. Edie and I recently visited their newest Downtown location on NW 23rd Avenue and thought it was solid. Here’s why it was a win for us:

Margherita pizza - Their Neapolitan-style pizza rules supreme and is really the best deal in town. You pay just $5 for a large personal pizza between the hours of 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. each day, every day. Each pizza comfortably feeds 2 or 3 people, and if you’re sharing with kiddos, that can stretch even further. Even though everything about this pizza is as simple as can be, it’s truly delightful, as the ingredients are high quality and just plain delicious. The mozzarella cheese is fresh and gooey and the sauce is homemade and not too acidic. Everything about this pizza shines!

Kale salad - While it looks pretty simple, this salad packs lots of personality. The homemade citrus dressing is fresh and zesty and there’s plenty of parmesan cheese that adds a bit of tang. I think it’s the perfect accompaniment to the aforementioned pizza pie! Kids may not love it because the taste may be too sophisticated for little tastebuds, but the grown-ups will love it.

Kid wins

  • Pizza paddles - There’s huge pizza paddles on the walls! I asked mommy what they were and she explained they are used to get the pizza in and out of their oven. Cool!

  • The pizza - Yummy! The cheese on the pizza was gooey and the slices were just the right size.

  • Coloring pages - The pizza coloring pages were fun to do while we waited for our yummy pizza.

Grown-up wins

  • Pizza - I’m a huge fan of this classic pie, which keeps well too. I often enjoy it for days after!

  • The price - For $5 a pie, this deal is exceptional - especially given the high quality ingredients.

  • Fast service - The counter service at this large Downtown location was better than the original location on North Williams Ave, where the wait tends to be longer.

Life of Pie - 1765 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland OR. 503.820.0083