La Panza Cafe

At first glance, La Panza Cafe may seem like any other ordinary Mexican joint, but it’s not. The food is inspired by New Mexico and combines Spanish, Native American and Mexican flavors. You’ll find tried and true favorites such as cheese quesadillas and huevos rancheros, but also slightly new takes on classics such as blue corn pinon pancakes, papas fritas (essentially chilaquiles without the tortillas), huevos divorciados and more! Our family of four decided to try it on Christmas Eve Day and loved our experience:

Papas Fritas - This was an interesting take on what one usually calls chilaquiles but instead of fried tortillas, they used a bed of hash browns. Everything was super simple but high quality, including the silkiest sour cream! The eggs were done to perfection and oozed nicely onto the rest of the ingredients. The piece-de-resistance was their homemade red salsa - a tad spicy, smoky and also creamy.

Huevos Rancheros - Not too different from my dish, hubby ordered this classic Mexican breakfast and it totally delivered. He loved the extra tortilla on the side, which made the dish heartier and was even fun to share wth the kiddos when they got a bit grabby. Note that it’s pretty filling, so order this if you’re very hungry.

Cheese Quesadilla - A classic kiddo favorite, Edie ordered this and finished it to the last bite. Simple but once again delicious and full of high quality stuff, this dish is a win even for the most of discerning little diners.

Drinks - There’s a few morning cocktails to choose from such as classic micheladas (or michelas) and mimosas, but there’s also homemade horchata and it’s delicious. Edie and I shared the latter and loved it - especially because they put turbinado sugar on the rim of our glasses to make it extra special.

Grown-up wins

  • Innovative menu - Regional takes on classic Mexican dishes that made the meal exciting

  • Fast service - The staff does a great job of making you feel taken care of

  • Cool vibe - Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, La Panza boasts colorful street art and great music

Kid wins

  • Horchata - My favorite drink to get when dining out, the sugar on the glass was a treat!

  • Big tortillas - Every dish comes with a side of a big fluffy tortilla

  • Kiddo menu - Mommy’s and Daddy’s dishes were spicy but the great kiddo menu had all my favorites like the cheese quesadilla, a breakfast burrito rice and beans and more!

La Panza Cafe - 2425 SE 26th Ave, Portland OR. 503.236.5005