India Grill

My neighbor happens to be the proud owner of India Grill, which is a traditional Indian restaurant in SE Portland. Missing some delicious ethnic food in my life, and knowing how much Edie enjoys it too, we ventured over for their $9.95 lunch buffet that they serve daily from 11:00 a.m. - 2 p.m. Besides it being a great deal, the food was really flavorful and there was just enough choice. 

Here's why team Eaty Pie loved our experience:

Lunch Buffet - Overall, the lunch buffet offered just enough options but it wasn't overwhelming, which was great.  There were just as much protein dishes including chicken, beef and lamb as vegetarian dishes - so something for everyone.  Kids absolutely love fresh naan, which was plentiful at India Grill.  Highlights from the buffet include:

Chicken Tandoori - A non spicy chicken dish that's cooked in a traditional clay oven, it was both juicy and flavorful. I loved it just as much as Edie did and while you didn't need any kind of chutney with it, it was nice to pair it with their sweet tamarind sauce.  

Veggie pakoras - The piece-de-resistance for the grown ups, the pakoras were delicious, crispy nuggets of cauliflower, potatoes & spinach. I was surprised that Edie didn't care for them but I'd suspect they are a big hit with other kiddos.

Navrattan curry - One of the spicier things we tried, this vegetable curry was made up of a medley of different vegetables, but mostly chickpeas and spices. It went nicely with some rice and mopped up perfectly with the fluffy naan. While it was too spicy for Edie, Nanny Deb and I got seconds.

Grown-up wins

  • Laid back atmosphere - Set in a great big two story house on E Burnside St., the upstairs, which serves as the main dining area was simple, laid back and relaxing during lunchtime. 
  • Flavorful food - Everything we tried was done really well. It wasn't overspiced but had plenty of flavor.
  • Great price - You can't beat a $9.95 lunch and eat to your heart's desire. It's also a good way to sample a big portion of the menu. 

Kid wins

  • The choices - I liked that mama filled up a special plate of chicken, rice and bread just for me. And there was more where that came from.
  • Fun place to roam - After I finished my meal, I liked running up and down the aisle and climbing the stairs.
  • Naan - My favorite part of the meal was dipping the "pita" bread into the sweet red sauce. After I finished the bread, I still kept going for the sauce!

India Grill - 2924 E Burnside Street, Portland OR. 503.236.1790