Homer Street Cafe & Bar

A little winter holiday recently led us to discover the Northern city of Vancouver, B.C.

Being from NY, we sometimes pine for a bigger city feel, and Vancouver provided just that.  While I can't say the stereotype that Canadians are always nice is always true, it was absolutely that way when we checked out Homer Street Cafe & Bar in Vancouver's Downtown area. 

Specializing in rotisserie chicken, Homer Street Cafe isn't what you'd typically expect from a PNW eatery but everything they do, they do well. While Edie can be a little picky about her meat, she couldn't resist the chicken and put in a huge dent in our half bird portion.  Here's more about why team Eaty Pie loved this Canadian bistro:

Fried chickpea dip - This is a fabulous rendition of a simple hummus made with high quality, flavorful ingredients. Edie's favorite, she ate it straight from a spoon but also enjoyed it with bread. Note that there's no tahini in it which makes it very kid friendly.

Bison terrine - Very different from the above dish, the terrine presented more complex, sophisticated flavors suitable for adults. I loved everything about it including the gamey meat as well as the homemade celeriac and apple slaw that cut all its richness.

Chicken - The piece-de-resistance for everyone at the table, the chicken was top notch. Boasting a crispy skin that's almost dessert like to the moistest interior, we were all a little sad when it was finished.

Cocktails - Immediately gravitating to the Secret Garden cocktail, which is gin based, it offered just what I wanted including a touch of fizz, mint, freshness and some sour flavor too.

Grown-up wins

  • Central location - Located just 500 ft from our hotel, the convenience couldn't be beat
  • On-point service - From the minute we walked in all the way to the very end, everyone was nothing but attentive, cheery and made us feel like home
  • Favorite food - Even though the entire menu is enticing, nothing beats the bird

Kid wins

  • Delicious milk - It was "mimi" time, so the staff brought me a full glass of milk with a big girl straw. I finished it in a flash and mama and dada were also glad since it was on the house.
  • Close neighbors - I enjoyed chatting with our friendly neighbors who were right next to me
  • Favorite foods - The chickpea "hum" and the "chick" were yummy. I had a big belly after I was done.

Homer Street Cafe & Bar - 898 Homer Street, Vancouver BC Canada. 604.428.4299