The Grilled Cheese Grill

I’ve been drawn to the Grilled Cheese Grill even before having little ones because who doesn’t love a little taste of nostalgia coupled with some good ol’ Portland kitsch? NE Portland’s Grilled Cheese Grill delivers on all these elements, and then some, letting patrons dine inside a classic yellow school bus that has been refurbished with tables and stools. It’s fun to wait inside and hear your name be called through the loud-speaker - and not because you got in trouble for putting gum on the seat ;) Here’s the rundown of our recent experience:

The Mondor - In the mood for something veg friendly, I chose a grilled cheese sandwich packed with Tillamook pepper jack, red onion and avocado. It wasn’t as fluffy as I would’ve expected but it was delicious nonetheless and pretty well done on the outside. Each sandwich comes with a generous helping of potato chips and a yummy deli-style pickle.

Kids Grilled Cheese - With all the fancy grilled cheese options, it was nice to see a super simple American grilled cheese classic. Edie loved it and the size was great - not too big and super simple too. It comes with just one piece of bread versus two.

Grown-up wins

  • Kid favorites with a grown-up twist - You can choose from super simple to fancy grilled cheeses (The Moondog with hard salami, pepperoni, olives; The Kelsey with cheddar & basil pesto, etc).

  • Fun setting - The nostalgic school bus setting with some funny memorabilia (i.e. awkward school photos) create quite the conversation with your dining companions

  • Cost friendly - All dishes are well under $10 and the kid menu is mostly under $5

Kid wins

  • School bus - I loved “driving” the school bus before we got our food

  • Grilled cheese - My cheesy, gooey sandwich was delicious! Eating it on a little stool while I looked out the bus windows watching the rain was fun.

  • Other kiddos - It was nice to talk to other kiddos, to drive the bus together and to walk up and down the bus aisle.

Grilled Cheese Grill - NE 11th Avenue & Alberta, Portland OR.