Apizza Scholls

One of Portland's hyped pizza restaurants, many won't even set foot inside for fear of waiting copious amounts of time for a table. We decided to brave it out and tried it on a weeknight (a Tuesday night in fact), and it was a great choice. Very family friendly, casual and the food and beer were off the hook.  Edie loved it immediately, especially since the place did fill up towards the end of the evening, giving her plenty of opportunities to "chat it up" with others. Also, needless to say, the pizza was to her liking.

Here's why team Eaty Pie loved Apizza Scholls and the scoop on what we got:

Apizza Amore - The mere fact this was decked with Olympia Provisions Capicola (cured pork shoulder) was a huge selling point. You can see how delectable it looked and tasted even better. The crust was stupendous in that it was perfectly airy on the inside and nice and crunchy on the outside. Edie loved munching on the crust and also found the mozzarella cheese irrististible.

Beer - They have a nice selection of local beer including Boneyard, Two Towns, Finn River and others. It was a cold and rainy night so I opted for a hearty porter which went really nicely with the meaty pizza.

Grown-up wins

  • Superb pizza - It's hard to beat the quality of pizza. Totally worth coming back and trying more options.
  • Good service - Everything was on-point and came out fast, which is why I think it's key to come here on a weekday
  • Casual atmosphere - Really cool, laid back vibe that doesn't feel too hipster 

Kid wins

  • Cheeeeeeeese - I found myself saying "mohhh, mohh cheeeee" it was so good
  • Yummy bread - Even though they kept calling it "pizza" I loved the crunchy bread mama gave me to gnaw on
  • Fun neighbors - Entertaining my crowd, I enjoyed smiling and chatting with our corner neighbors

Apizza Scholls - 4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR. 503.233.1286